Now with added Mini-Leagues!
Now with added Mini-Leagues!
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Pay £1 to predict 6 any time goal scorers in a round of Premier League games and, if they all score, you win the jackpot or a share of it if there’s more than one winner.

Our jackpot is likely to be much bigger than your winnings at regular bookies for a selection of strikers and goal scoring midfielders to score at any time.  It’s a pools competition, so the more players, the bigger the jackpot gets.  There’s also a rollover if no-one wins!

Don’t miss out!


Quote NEW568 and get £10 free when you deposit £10,
or Quote NEW233 and get £5 free when you deposit £5

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This week's jackpot £3,218


Join in with Mini-Leagues

Here at Predict the Six, we are always looking at ways to make your weekly play more fun.

Now you can find out how your performance ranks across the nation, as well as set up your own mini-leagues to compete against your mates.

It’s easy to do – just Log In or Register choose a name, and give your mates the access code.

1 point for playing in a round.
3 points for a correct prediction.
10 extra points for getting all six.

Note: Only one point per round is allocated to each player for playing (regardless of how many times you play). Only your highest scoring slip in any one round counts towards your points, and in the event of tied points the player who placed their first prediction the earliest in the season takes the higher place. If you enter the competition mid-season, you will be allocated a starting score of the current average score for the season, less 1% for each round of the season you have missed.

National League

  Player From Points  
1Joseph KLondon127-
2Edward CLiverpool119up(3)
3David PLiverpool117up(5)
4Stephen CLiverpool114up(7)
5John DWarrington113down(2)
6Ky MLiverpool112up(9)
7James MWhitehaven111down(4)
8James CRuislip110up(12)
9Anthony NLiverpool109down(6)
10Graeme SPontefract109up(13)

Terms and Conditions apply. See The GameHow to Play and Game Rules for full details before playing.

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